New Year Update

January 2012 update: Welcome to a new year and some new posts! I hope to reward my readers with regular updates now that the holidays are over. Keep reading and enjoy! Please leave a comment or two, if you feel inspired ;o)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poetry of a Friend

I first read this poem 15 years ago. Recently, I pulled my guitar out along with my folder of poems and songs I wrote all those years ago. Hidden in this folder alongside my writings were a few poems by a dear man I knew so long ago. I had forgotten how beautiful his writing was and I think it far outshines my own. I'm posting this, in hopes that one day he may do a search and come across my page. All my old contact information for him leads me to dead ends. So if you see this, Matt, please let me know. It would be nice to talk to you again...

Delayed Protfolio

by Matthew Huffman

I'm measuring ticks of the clock just by smoke
I'm measuring life poisoned by tasteless jokes
I'm living in shadows and black hearts and masks
I live by the code of "just trust me, don't ask"
I'm moving in time with the currents and waves
And storm clouds of life's little traumas and saves
I'm seeing with no kindly filtering eyes
I'm smothered by hints, innuendos and lies
I am the heart that reaches and weeps
But never will beg for just what it needs
I steal for a living and run to survive
I swallow my friends and treasure my pride
I ask myself, why do I keep hanging on
To each everything that's gone and went wrong
I wonder just when at last I will know
The street lights of my life to turn green for go


  1. Where did you know Matthew? That is my Son's name but he died in 2005.

  2. kate - know that he was loved and that he is remembered xx

    1. Hi Kat. It is 10 years today since we lost Matthew. Browsing through memories of him. Thanks again for putting his poetry out there for me to stumble over. :)