New Year Update

January 2012 update: Welcome to a new year and some new posts! I hope to reward my readers with regular updates now that the holidays are over. Keep reading and enjoy! Please leave a comment or two, if you feel inspired ;o)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

To My London Boy, From Your London Girl

my heart is broken
I never knew it was whole
no words will be spoken
a story untold
no voice will ring out
no hugs will be given
for you are no longer
among the living
I called it before
once was afraid
but a friendship forgotten
and just laid to waste
left too much time
and allowed me to mellow
I had nearly forgotten
you were such a sad fellow
my london boy
so far away
your london girl
missed you that day
you came to my city
you asked around
but it was not meant to be
I was nowhere to be found
an ocean still parted
us from each other
I came home from college
to a note from my mother
two ships in the night
we were not meant to meet
I missed you today
and I started to seek
I imagined the worst
still hoped for the best
but I got the news
I feared most, but had guessed
I'll miss you my friend
should have said something sooner
my heart will mend
but its' mass will be fewer
for you always will carry a piece of my heart
but I will never get to tell you how important you are.