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Sunday, January 1, 2012

When the Willow Whispers - Page 11

     They laughed and danced around inside a circle of ancient trees, while the fog gathered outside the circle and mist swirled about their feet. This was very different from the somber scene they made just a few days earlier.
     "She's coming! It's almost ready! She'll be here soon!" Said one.
     "How can you be sure she'll follow it? Perhaps she'll be so frightened she'll turn away before she gets to us." Worried another
     "Oh, she'll come through. She's heard the music. She'll be far to curious not to come." Confirmed the third. “If all else fails, we've sent Daniel. He'll guide her in the right direction.”
     They danced and giggled some more before falling down in fits of laughter as the fog rolled through the trees...

     Emmy and Maia had been back in their beds curled up in warm duvets and brainstorming for about forty minutes when they heard Emmy's parents stirring on the landing. They had come up with a number of mediocre plans, before deciding that they would just have to let this thing play out. Her mom was bound to notice, sooner than later, that this tree was a miracle tree. Even if the fog held out and her mom avoided that corner of the garden, how long would that last? Today? Maybe tomorrow? Three days from now that tree was going to be a fully grown, established tree in her mother's garden. There was no way Diana was not going to notice and they decided there was no logical explanation. Even the truth wasn't logical, but what else did they have?
     There was a soft knock on the door. "You girls awake in there?" Came her mother's voice through the door.
     "Yeah mom." Diana opened the door and stood in the doorway as her daughter continued. "We decided it was warmer under the covers than anywhere else in the house, so we've just been hanging out and chatting. It's a dreary morning isn't it?"
     "The mornings have been foggy for the last few days. It should lift by midday, hopefully." Her mother smiled at them. "Then I'll be able to take a look at your willow and how it looks in the back garden."
     Emmy and Maia exchanged looks. "We should probably get going before then. Want to get back to the city before traffic hits."
     "I don't think you should have much traffic on a Sunday, but you're the expert. Dave should have started the fire in the wood stove by now, if you girls want to head down to the family room in a few minutes. I'll get some breakfast on to cook before you go." With that her mother left to go downstairs, closing the door behind her.
     Maia gave Emmy a sidelong look. "You know, you can't avoid it forever. She's gonna see it, and when she notices it she's gonna call you anyway. We might as well just stay and see what she says."
     "I'll think about it. Right now I want to head down and get some tea by the fire."
     "Good plan. I'm right behind you" They grabbed robes that had been left hanging on the back of the door and padded downstairs to the family room.
     Dave was downstairs waiting for them. "G'morning girls. Sleep well? Not too cold, I hope. Sometimes I wish we'd get some central heating installed."
     "Slept like babies." Maia piped up. "Those hot water bottles are amazing inventions. Wish I'd discovered them sooner!"
     "That's good hear. Diana tells me you girls are leaving after breakfast?"
     "Yeah." Replied Emmy. "We want to try to miss the traffic into the city."
     "Sure you don't want to wait for the fog to lift? I built your mom another green house. I thought you might want to check it out before you left."
     "I'd love to see the new greenhouse." Emmy shot her friend a look. Ignoring it, Maia continued, "I'm sure we could stay a bit longer. It is Sunday after all. Shouldn't be too much traffic on a Sunday, right?"
     Dave grinned. "Excellent. It's been a while since you two have been out here. We'll take a walk around the grounds after it warms up, so you can see all the upgrades."

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